AIR-FX Airbrushing & Kustom Paint is the company name for Kevin "Kegs" Kegler, an extraordinary artist I have the pleasure of doing business with. I designed, host and manage his website in exchange for Kustom Painting.

I find him to be not only one of the most talented airbrush artists I've ever seen, but a very honest, ethical and dependable man. His art is nothing short of amazing and he likes to say "if it can be painted, I'll turn it into a work of art." That's not idle boasting, he's fully capable of backing that up.

If you want Kustom Paint for anything from household appliances to show cars, I strongly urge you to check him out.

He isn't paying for this page, he didn't even hint at the possibility of me giving him a full page ... he just impresses me that much. Click his logo to visit his website and don't hesitate to contact him with ANY paint project you have in mind. At the very least, you'll have a nice conversation with a remarkable individual.

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